Getting Started


Welcome to the Nassau-Queens Learning Management System. To get started, follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Scroll down and click Start Now in the blue box below to create your account. 

Step 2

Check your inbox for your email confirmation that you will recieve after successfully creating an account. Email if you need further assitance.

Ready to create your account?

Create your account by clicking the button below to fill out the account creation form. 

Account Details: 

  • Your account can be setup by clicking the Start Now button to the left
  • Your account is unique to you
  • Your account is required for accessing trainings on the NQP Learning Management System
  • Your account will be linked to your email where you will be contacted with important training information
  • Your account will allow you to access training completion certificates and transcripts 


Technical Support 

1-800-516-9693 ex. 1